* Q: What is the difference between PEER and REEP?

PEER  is an open source software package that anyone can download and use as a metadata registry. The registry may be used to

support individual identity federations or as a repository for multiple sources of metadata.


REEP is a service run by REFEDS, based on the PEER software. It is used by research and education identity federations as a central

place to fetch Identity Provider and Service Provider metadata.


* Q: Why should I use REEP?

If you are a Service Provider that is a member of multiple identity federations, you will know that you are currently required to maintain and

update metadata held in the repository at each and every federation. REEP, or another metadata repository, allows you to maintain your

metadata in one place. When registering entities with federations, you simply request that they fetch this metadata from the repository

instead of requiring you to deposit locally. 


* Q: Do I still have to join federations?

Yes, you still have a to join a federation if you want to reach out a to the wider community.  By joining a federation you sign up to its rules

about how you and other members will behave. Joining a federation may also involve registering metadata with that federation. REEP may

help simplify the process of registering and maintaining the metadata entities you register with each federation - you may register your

metadata with REEP and ask the federations to fetch them from REEP.


* Q: Who can use REEP?

Anyone can register an entity with REEP. You will need to prove that you have the authority to register entities for your domain.

Federations can chose to whitelist or blacklist entities from REEP to a set that matches their membership.


* Q: What is the difference between REEP and eduGAIN?

eduGAIN is a full interfederation service - it means that you only have to be a member of one federation, and they provide your metadata

to the eduGAIN service. You will need to participate in eduGAIN via your 'home' federation and meet the technical specifications required

by eduGAIN to participate. You will also need to be sure that your target service(s) / customer (s) is / are participating in eduGAIN.

Both services can help you reach more federation members more effectively, different organisations are likely to have a preference for

each approach.


* Q: Where do I find information on the PEER software?

 - For information on the user's management in PEER, please refer to: https://github.com/Emergya/peer/blob/master/doc/users.rst

- For information on PEER entity management, please refer to: https://github.com/Emergya/peer/blob/master/doc/domains.rst

- For information on how to manage a domain in REEP, please refer to https://github.com/Emergya/peer/blob/master/doc/domains.rst