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Owned by od.test.app@gmail.com (Jedne Dane)

This entity belongs to the domain onedata.hnsc.otc-service.com

(Assertion Consumer Service) HTTP-POST https://onedata.hnsc.otc-service.com/saml/consume {'Binding': 'urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-POST', 'Type': 'Assertion Consumer Service', 'Location': 'https://onedata.hnsc.otc-service.com/saml/consume'}
Lukasz Opiola (technical contact type)
HNSciCloud OTC Onedata
Used for signing
Used for encryption
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Rev Id Diff Date Author Log message
11 @f8f8b Prev diff 2017-Jul-21 05:13:56 Jedne Dane Update cert to a stronger one (2048 bits)
10 @27fba Prev diff 2017-Jul-06 04:00:57 Jedne Dane bring back old saml consume endpoint
9 @ffc5c Prev diff 2017-Jul-05 08:25:09 Jedne Dane Change consume URL
8 @5ca2c Prev diff 2017-Jul-05 06:44:26 Jedne Dane update org and tech names
7 @93f84 Prev diff 2017-Jun-28 09:22:49 Jedne Dane Remove Signature
6 @485d3 Prev diff 2017-Jun-28 09:13:19 Jedne Dane Adding encryption KeyDescription
5 @61c6a Prev diff 2017-Jun-27 09:31:33 Jedne Dane Metadata update
4 @b1ffa Prev diff 2017-Jun-20 04:54:55 Jedne Dane changed entityID
3 @d489f Prev diff 2017-Jun-18 09:42:49 Jedne Dane New metadata for test purposes
2 @a4642 Prev diff 2017-Jun-07 02:30:15 Jedne Dane update validUntil field
1 @2bd1e - 2017-Jun-06 08:14:45 Jedne Dane First version of metadata