Welcome to REEP-PEER Service, the Public Endpoint Entities Registry

The PEER software has been developed to offer a lightweight, global registrar for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) metadata.


The REEP Service is an instance of PEER sotware, managed by REFEDS for use by the REFEDS community as a testbed for the

concept of using an external registry for federations.  It runs under the current lightweight policy.


REEP offers a trusted registry that relies on domain validation only to assess whether a service can register any given entity metadata.


REEP is intended as a focused activity to support international federated access, complementing national identity federations and inter-

federation services.


REEP metadata feed can be downloaded by anybody. To see all the entities in detail you need to login.


Adding and Consuming metadata to REEP

Anyone can register an entity with REEP. You will need to prove that you have the authority to register entities for your domain.


Federations can chose to whitelist or blacklist entities from REEP to a set that matches their membership.


Metadata registrants must be aware that they are making their metadata available for publication without constraints and that registered

metadata will be publicly available to all consumers.